Collection: Rock Art Posters, Prints and Illustrations

Along with the album cover, gig posters represent one of the most important visual arts associated with the music industry. From the psychedelic swirls of the '70s, through the low-fi DIY ethos of the punk movement, to the sharp-suited, art-school vibe of post-punk and New Wave, gig posters have always played an essential role in defining musical movements' look and feel.

Containing iconic designs, including Pink Floyd’s 1967 poster of the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Bob Dylan’s 1966 poster for Island Gardens in NYC, our Rock Art collection features posters and illustrations that helped push rock art in new directions and defined the hippie aesthetic.

We also stock several illustrations, inspired by the psychedelic art of the '60s and '70s, that depict famous artists from the period. From individual members of the Beatles to the glam style of Aladdin Sane-era Bowie and Nick Drake's folky aesthetic for the From the Morning poster, these rock illustrations perfectly capture the artistic freedom and bohemian feel of the time.

Whether you’re looking for legendary Grateful Dead gig posters, Bill Graham classics from the LSD inspired Haight Ashbury scene, or original psychedelic rock art posters by contemporary artists, our Rock Art Collection is where you’ll find them.