Collection: Pop Music Photography Prints

Here at Burst Gallery we appreciate all genres of music, and we do that by showing off our incredible collection of pop music prints. These stylish pop star posters pay homage to some of the biggest artists of today and throughout the history of pop music. Whether you worship The Beatles, still obsess over Fleetwood Mac or continue to stream Bucks Fizz to this day, then we have the perfect posters for you. Our stylish pop music prints come in a range of sizes and framing options to suit your decor.

The History of Pop Music

During the 1950s and 1960s, pop music encompassed rock and other genres of music. However, as we progressed through the decades, pop music started to become more commercial. Our posters and prints capture pop music’s journey with high-quality photographs. Nowadays, pop music is generally defined by its repeated choruses, basic short to medium-length format and rhythms and tempos that you can dance to. Having taken inspiration from many of the world’s most popular genres, including dance, rock and many more, pop music’s mainstream dominance comes as no surprise. Explore our collection of pop music photography prints and see another side to your favourite artists.

Who Is the Best Pop Artist of All Time?

Seeing that pop music is over 70 years old, it is almost impossible to definitively say who is the best pop artist of all time. Although you can look at awards, number 1s and platinum albums, it all comes down to taste. Today pop music is bigger than ever. Male and female artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are global phenomenons and heroes to many who sell out major festivals and arenas worldwide. With pop music looking as though it will continue to grow, here at Burst Gallery, we have a collection of over 700 unique music prints from which to find your favourite pop star poster.

Celebrate Pop Music

We are passionate about all forms of music, but pop music has given us all countless memories, many summer soundtracks, and it has also given us common ground with strangers throughout the world. If you want to celebrate your favourite pop music artists, don’t look any further than our pop music prints collection. Each poster and print comes in a range of sizes, ready to bring any wall to life. Let’s celebrate pop music together and keep supporting these incredible artists who continue to inspire their music. Check out our collection of music photographic prints and pop star posters and show your support.