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7 Awesome Music Posters For Your Man Cave

After a difficult 18 months, you have probably found yourself spending more time at home. Thanks to the national lockdowns, many of us have been resigned to working from home or simply unable to frequent our favourite establishments. This means that your man cave has become an even more important space of solitude and relaxation than ever before. So as you apply the finishing touches, why not check out our seven awesome music posters for your man cave.

Man caves aren’t always known for being the most stylish of spaces. However, if you are a music lover like us here at Music Poster, we have the perfect thing to give your space the lift it needs. Take a look at our seven awesome music posters for your man cave and place a stylish print of your musical icon on your wall. 

These awesome music posters are a wonderful way to pay homage to the artists who inspired your love for rock, brit-pop, metal or whatever it may be. These seven awesome music posters range from live shows to album art and are all available in a selection of frames and sizes designed to fit perfectly in any man cave. 

Blur – Damon Albarn Backstage at Wembley Arena, England, 1995 Poster

Damon Albarn Backstage Music Poster

Speaking of the phenomenon of Brit-Pop, few bands define a genre like Blur. Formed in the late 80s, this iconic quartet produced some of the UK’s most recognisable tracks and managed to become the face of a musical genre. Tracks like “Song 2”, “Girls & Boys”, and “Coffee & TV” have stood the test of time and are still loved by a huge fanbase. 

This limited-edition music poster featuring Damon Albarn backstage at Wembley Arena is a must for any Blur fan and the perfect, stylish accompaniment to your man cave aesthetics. 

Green Day – Billy Joe Armstrong Cheering the Audience, Australia, 2005 Poster

Green Day Music Poster

Bands don’t have continuous success for over 30 years unless they are something special, and that is exactly how you would describe Green Day, amongst other complimentary superlatives. This Californian rock band were relatable to so many rebellious music lovers, and their success translated across the globe. 

Our awesome music poster features lead singer Billy Joel Armstrong on stage and a backdrop of the famous Green Day symbol is a must for any fan. This photo, taken in 2005 at the Telstra Stadium in Melbourne, perfectly encapsulates the visceral energy that fans experienced at Green Day’s live shows. So make your man cave your own with our incredible music posters.

IDLES – Mark Bowen At the Wardrobe Leeds UK 2018 Poster

IDLES Music Poster

There are few modern-day bands as exciting as IDLES. Their raw energy, growling vocals and sensitive topics make them a firm fan favourite for any lover of modern punk music. As soon as they burst onto the scene with songs like “Danny Nedelko”, “Never Fight a Man With a Perm”, and “Mother”, tickets to their live shows have become the hottest of property.

If your man cave is missing a bit of edginess, or you simply want to show off your exquisite music taste, then order our awesome music poster of Mark Bowen performing live at the Wardrobe in Leeds in 2018. 

Royal Blood – On Stage at the Leeds Festival, England, 2015 Poster

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you have probably heard the hard-hitting rock and roll that has been coming from one of the UK’s best bands. Hailing from Worthing in the South East, these two local lads wowed everyone when they released their eponymous debut album, Royal Blood, in 2014. Since winning The Best British Group award at The Brits they have not looked back. 

Our awesome music poster combines Royal Blood at their live-performing best with one of the UK’s most iconic festivals. This high-quality print of Royal Blood at Leeds Festival is the perfect way to decorate your man cave.

Oasis – Liam Gallagher and Paul Arthurs at Glastonbury, England, 1994 Poster

Oasis Music Poster

Oasis is a band that defined a decade. From the green trench coats to the brushed forward hairstyles, the dynamic partnership between the Gallagher brothers gave the world some of its most memorable musical moments.

Our collection of awesome music posters doesn’t come much more iconic than this. Oasis’ 1994 live performance at Glastonbury Festival is easily one of the best live performances the legendary Pyramid Stage has ever seen. Thankfully this moment has also been captured in photographic form, meaning this iconic poster is a must for any Oasis fan looking to decorate their personal space.

Echo and the Bunnymen – Heaven Up Here Cover Photoshoot, 1980 Print

Echo and the Bunnymen Music Poster

Any fan of Echo and the Bunnymen will instantly recognise this image as providing the backdrop to their second album Heaven Up Here, in 1981. This stylish image was from the original photo session and makes a fantastic poster idea for your man cave. 

The band themselves spread fish guts all over the sand at Porthcawl Beach to entice a flock of seagulls into shot to create this atmospheric print.  

Sam Fender – With His Guitar at the Academy Manchester November 2019 Poster

Sam Fender music poster

Is there a more exciting talent coming out of the North East than Sam Fender? Likened to a modern Bruce Springsteen, Sam Fender does an incredible job of producing catchy choruses with thoughtful lyrics on a range of relatable topics. This fan favourite also makes a great option for your man cave decor.  

This awesome music poster is a stylish image taken at the famous Manchester Academy back in 2019 that shows off Sam Fender doing what he does best. This premium print of the “Hypersonic Missiles” singing hitmaker is the finishing touch to your man cave’s music-inspired style. 

We understand the importance of your man cave. We know that the space is yours and it has to represent who you are. That is why we believe that our seven awesome music posters offer the perfect addition to any music lover’s room. These stylish, premium prints are the perfect decor for any fan looking to celebrate their favourite musical icons. 

As well as these seven awesome music posters for your man cave, you can find a vast selection of over 700 artists on the Music Posters website, along with a guide on how to hang your music poster and new prized possession on your wall. 

Bring your walls to life with one of the premium quality posters at Music Poster. Order now and get free UK delivery on your latest addition to the man cave.

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