While She Sleeps Posters

It seems only fitting that Sheffield, the city of steel, should have spawned the metal band, While She Sleeps. Formed in 2006, the band has managed to blur the lines between metalcore and punk and melocore. With guttural, crunching guitars and Lawrence Taylor’s howling vocals, While She Sleeps quickly established themselves as a band to watch, through a series of live gigs.
However, it took four years for them to release their debut mini-album, The North Stands For Nothing, in 2010. While it was originally released as a digital download, it was re-released in the following year, as a free CD with the magazine, Metal Hammer.
Three albums later, and the band upholds the frenetic, edgy sound that first brought them to public attention. However, they aren’t afraid to tinker with the genre, as shown by the piano-break in the song, Trophies. Perhaps the North stands for something, after all.