Trivium has been bringing its own blend of metal to the masses since 2003, when their first album, Ember to Inferno, was released. However, founder members Matt Heafy, Brad Lewter and Travis Smith had been playing at high school together, since 1999. Corey Beaulieu joined in 2004, while Lewter was replaced by bass-player, Paolo Gregoletto.
The band’s sound is a result of all the different influences each member brings to the table. Heafy has described it as a “melting pot of influences that probably shouldn’t go together,” including hardcore, death metal, traditional metal and hardcore.
Even with nine albums behind them, Trivium still follow the ‘if you can’t play it live, it doesn’t get recorded’ rule. Songs, such as The Sin and The Sentence, Slave New World and Silence in the Snow are all the result of passionate musicians exchanging ideas, together – something of a rarity among modern bands.