Tool Posters

At the 1980s drew to a close, grunge was emerging from the ashes of New Wave.While other bands were exploring alt-rock or hair metal, the members of Tool were busy drawing influences from almost every genre going. From punk and psychedelia to prog and hard rock, their eclectic approach makes the band very hard to define.
The band’s first album, Undertow, might be more straightforward rock than lateroutings, but you can hear the seeds of experimentation being sown. However, thesubsequent AEnema is where Tool took flight. Songs, such as Stinkfist, Useful Idiot and Hooker With A Penis are all rich with the band’s rocky aggression, but you’ll also hear psychedelic guitar swirls, tribal drums and meandering, acid-rock solos too.
2019’s Fear Inoculum saw the band dispense with their hard-rock sensibilities and dedicate themselves to creating art-rock. Lengthy, noodling instrumentals are set against an ambient soundscape, making this album of Tool’s most unusual. See them for yourself with our collection of Tool pictures and posters.