The Used Posters

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Nirvana and My Chemical Romance, The Used are a seamless blend of metal, emo and alt-rock. In addition, you’ll find thetempo and beats influenced by hip-hop and drum and bass, giving the band a unique sound.
Dramatic, edgy and angsty, The Used aren’t afraid to drape a layer of pop over their often-melancholy lyrics. Songs such as All That I’ve Got and Buried Myself Alive deal with difficult personal issues, such as love and loss, but in a way that makes them universally accessible. Much of the album, In Love and Death, was written in the shadow of the death of Bert McCracken’s ex-girlfriend.
The band’s ride hasn’t been an easy one. In 2018, guitarist Justin Shekoski wasousted from the band and issued with a restraining order, after cited creative differences took a dark turn.