The New York Dolls Posters

Sleazy, androgynous and completely over the top, The New York Dolls swaggeredout of Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1971. While their first gig (played at ahomeless shelter in New York’s Upper West Side), may have gained them a fewfans, their uncompromising and hedonistic attitude made them look as far from amarketable proposition as you could probably get.
It wasn’t until Rod Stewart invited them to open for him that The New York Dollsbegan to gain some ground. Their first album, New York Dolls, drew on a variety of influences. Songs such as Subway Train, Looking for a Kiss and Jet Boy draw on the likes of The Rolling Stones, T-Rex and The Stooges.
Having created a new sound somewhere at the end of glam-rock and just beforepunk arrived, The New York Dolls are often credited as having opened the doors for the punk movement in the USA.