Paramore Posters

Wrapping incisive and challenging lyrics in a cloak of upbeat melody might not be a new trick, but it’s one that Paramore have pulled off better than most. Their musical journey has seen them inhabit various styles, from rock to pop and back again. A vastly underrated band, Paramore’s star is just starting to burn as brightly as it should.
The second album, Riot! went double-platinum, marking Paramore as a band towatch. From fragile love songs such as Crushcrushcrush, to the anthemic-angst of That’s What You Get, the album deals with subjects such as heartbreak and mental health.
Fast-forward to 2017 and After Laughter and the band have embraced ‘80s riffs, jangling guitars and catchy hooks. Hard Times is a fabulously-upbeat exploration of depression, set to a jaunty, pop-driven beat.
While the relationship between the band members is famously volatile, their musical output remains consistently intriguing.