Elliot Smith Posters

While he might have started his musical career with the alt-rock band Heatmiser, it’s for his searing and sorrowful solo work that Elliott Smith is best remembered. While the grunge wave was breaking, Smith turned his attentions to the melodies and chord progressions of 1960s pop to create something magical and melancholy.
Burdened with clinical depression and an addictive personality, Smith’s solo albums deal with difficult subjects such as drug abuse and mental illness, set against a beautifully-fragile musical backdrop. He stepped into the spotlight in 1998, when his song, Miss Misery, was used as part of the soundtrack to Good Will Hunting.
Albums such as XO, The Basement on the Hill and Elliott Smith are highly regarded but for most fans, Either/Or is his greatest work.We have a limited run of Elliot Smith images, some of which have never been seen before. Browse our collection to find your favourite.