Culture Club Prints

Fronted by the outlandish Boy George, Culture Club came to mainstream attention in the 1980s, underscored by snorts of outrage from parents across the UK. Not since the Sex Pistols had a band created such a reaction, mainly as the result of Boy George’s appearance.
Culture Club’s sound was born out of New Wave clubs, such as The Blitz and The Astoria. However, rather than jump on the New Romantic bandwagon, the band played with reggae sounds and electro-pop, to create instant classics, such as Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, Karma Chameleon and Church of the Poison Mind.
Clothes were equally important, and Culture Club took this to the extreme, favouring bright and garish outfits, with George bending gender constructs with relish and aplomb. 
One of the iconic bands of the 80s, Culture Club paved the way for artists such as Marilyn Manson and kd lang.