Bugzy Malone Posters

One of the most exciting rappers of the 21st Century, Bugzy Malone, was born in Manchester. His home life was wracked with poverty and hardship, resulting in a short stint in prison, at the age of 17. On his release, Bugzy decided to chase rap as a side-line to his burgeoning boxing career.
However, the release of his 2010 mixtape, SwaggaMan, saw him freestyling on grime-orientated YouTube channels and an invite to perform on Radio1Xtra. His first official album, B. Inspired, was released in 2017.
Bugzy’s style has been hailed as the next step in the evolution of grime. His lyrics are personal and, arguably, introspective, drawing on experiences from his own life, including poverty, emotional hardship, and turning to crime. 
Bugzy has kept to his roots. Rather than trading his Mancunian accent for an American drawl, he uses it to drive home his hard-hitting and insightful lyrics.