ASAP Rocky Posters

Born Rakim Mayers, ASAP Rocky has endured more than his fair share of hardship on his journey to becoming one of America’s most prominent rap stars. After his father’s incarceration, Rocky’s early years were spent drifting between homeless shelters, with his mother and sister. His brother’s death saw him give up selling drugs and pursue rapping as a career.
Using complex word-play and multi-layered music, he has created a sound that has had a significant influence on modern rap. His debut album, Long. Live. ASAP, featuring Peso and Purple Swag was acclaimed for its revolutionary approach and exploration of topics that are usually off-menu for rappers, such as addiction and the price of fame.
ASAP Rocky has also made a significant impact on the fashion world. Famous for his fondness for mixing clothes from different styles and cultures, he’s as exciting to watch as he is to listen to.