Alice Cooper Posters

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Founded in 1964, Alice Cooper was one of the pioneers of ‘shock rock’ rock ‘n’ roll. Originally, Alice Cooper was the name of the band but, when they split up in 1974, the lead singer, Vincent Damon Furnier, took the name with him and continued as a solo artist.

Whether you love the Velvet-Underground-attitude of Be My Lover from the band’s early days, the darkly glamorous sound of songs such as Welcome to My Nightmare and Poison or the classic anthem, School’s Out, the Alice Cooper discography is an extensive one. Never predictable and always reeking of that ‘screw you’ attitude, Alice Cooper has won legions of fans and is one of rock’s most original creations.

Our collection of Alice Cooper album cover prints contains rarely-seen images taken between 2006 and 2011. An ideal gift for any Cooper fan, they’re a superb way to pay homage to one of rock’s greatest survivors.