Adam Green Prints

Adam Green has worn a variety of hats in his eclectic career. In addition to being an acclaimed singer-songwriter, he founded The Moldy Peaches, has worked as an actor, filmmaker, poet, exhibited artist and creator of comic-books. However, he always comes back to the music.

When The Moldy Peaches went into hibernation in 2002, Green set about establishing himself as a solo artist. His debut album, Garfield, was released in the same year and ploughed a similar furrow to The Peaches, offering raw, lo-fi simplicity fused with lyrical dextrousness. In the following year, he released the album, Friends of Mine, featuring the hit song, Jessica.

Always full of surprises and with a dry, laconic delivery, Green’s music has been described as ‘anti-folk’. However, with rumours of a heavy metal album in the works, this is one artist whose moves are always unpredictable, yet always rewarding.