Adam and the Ants Prints

Adam and the Ants first came to mainstream attention in the 1980s, with tracks such as Kings of the Wild Frontier, Antmusic and Stand and Deliver racing to the top of the charts. However, fronted by the enigmatic Adam Ant, the band started as a punk outfit, riding the wave set in motion by the Sex Pistols.

The Ants’ debut album, Dirk Wears White Sox, featured some notable tracks, such as Cartrouble and Young Parisians. Deutsche Girls was their first hit to make any significant impact on the music scene, which was followed by a period of reinvention.

After Deutsche Girls, the Ants embraced African rhythms and Native American music, to create a unique sound, which they described as ‘Peacock Punk’. The band took fashion influences from New Wave, Africa, Native American culture and even pirates, to create a look that was as memorable and impactive as their music.