A Day to Remember Prints

What started out as a pop-punk outfit has evolved into a blistering band with metal and hardcore sensibilities. A Day To Remember was formed in Florida in 2003, by Jeremy McKinnon, Neil Westfall, Tom Denney, Joshua Woodward and Bobby Scruggs.

While their first album And Their Name Was Treason, boasted tracks that wouldn’t have sounded out of place being played by MCR, it’s their hardcore/metal leanings that separate them from the pop-punk crowd.

2013’s Common Courtesy saw them teetering on the edge of becoming a deathcore band with noticeably heavier riffs and dark, seething lyrics. Widely hailed as some of the band’s best work, this album features killer tracks, such as 2nd Sucks and It’s Complicated.

Although A Day To Remember appears to be ploughing a darker furrow, the anticipated release of You’re Welcome will tell if the band is focussed on hardcore or prepare to return to their poppier roots.